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Together we want to work against the Matthew effect! People without previous academic education have the right to lifelong learning. We work together with learners and people in teaching towards a united Europe with equal opportunities in lifelong learning.

In order to make lifelong learning more attractive and to draw attention to the existing problems, a policy report will be produced. There will also be materials for learners and trainers. The planned YouTube channel will provide another opportunity to highlight the relevance of the topic and inform learners.

Our Mission

Our Vision

With the 3L Mindset project, we want to make lifelong learning attractive for low-skilled adults with a migration background and support adult educators in adapting their educational concept for this target group.



LifeLong learning for everyone

Article 14 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights states that everyone has the right to education.

However, studies clearly show again and again that members of the population are excluded from this right! In many places, it is evident that only certain groups of people who already have a high level of education participate in lifelong learning. Low-skilled migrants usually do not belong to this group of people and are thus denied lifelong education and the opportunities that come with it.


Lifelong learning also contributes to the better integration of people. Migrants thus find connections, can better participate in conversations and strengthen their personality. All factors favour living together in diversity and freedom in Europe.

The project "3 L Mindset" and the project partners have set themselves the goal of making lifelong learning accessible to all members, especially the low-skilled migrants, of the European population.

The project "3L Mindset" has the following objectives:

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to promote lifelong learning among low-skilled migrants

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to train teachers

to promote the adaptation of curricula specifically for low-skilled migrant learners

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to promote the adaptation of curricula specifically for low-skilled migrant learners

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